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Logiplus is:

  • Our Business

    Design and manufacture of railway and industrial electronic equipment.

  • Safe, Reliable and Made-To-Last Products

    Since our constitution in 1988, over 70.000 items of equipment delivered for the rolling stock of the major European networks. Our design techniques pay particular attention to aspects of safety, reliability and availability.

  • Our Consulting Role

    Consultancy at the stage of defining specifications, and possibly drafting them. Mastery of the ergonomic, visual and acoustic constraints of equipment installed in driver cabs.

  • An Integrated Approach

    As responsible industrial partner, Logiplus takes equipment completely in hand, from its design stage to its long-term maintenance.

  • Control of Standards

    Logiplus controls the design standards of railway onboard equipment and industrial equipment. Our products operate in a strongly perturbated environment: extreme temperatures, damp, dust, sustained vibration, chemically hostile milieu, strong electromagnetic disturbances, etc.

  • Flexibility and Reactivity

    Flexibility and Reactivity are assets enabling us to respond to specific customer constraints with short lead-times.

  • Quality

    Logiplus masters the supply chain for all items required for equipment manufacture. Our manufacturing partners are selected to meet the specific requirements of industrial and railway network qualification. We apply very strict manufacturing and equipment testing procedures. The traceability of delivered products is perfectly organised.

  • Long-Term Maintenance

    We operate a long-term after-sales service for our equipment, especially for railway products that can last for more than 25 years.